Ginger is a sanctuary resident.

1 year old
Ginger is sponsored by Lisa D.

Ginger is overflowing with personality and "tortitude." She's a bit of a diva with a mind of her own, and she will decide if she wants to be petted or approached. She can be a bit of a pill when she wants to be, and is most decidedly a bit skittery when you first meet her. But if she knows you and likes you, she will be your best friend. (Think of this as having to be interviewed by a cat!) She's been fostered in a home with cats, kittens and dogs.  She will probably do best in an experienced cat home with patient and tolerant people who are used to dealing with a high maintenance persnickety kitty.

** Originally came from the cat house foster is no longer able to handle her she cant go to Petco**

Littermates:  Angelo, Autumn, Donnie, Marie