Grey white paws
8 months old

Poppy and Petunia are a particularly personable pair of purry-furry girls who are completely bonded and absolutely delightful. They are snuggly-cuddly, playful, social and engaging. But ... they both are carriers of the feline herpes virus and experience (off-and-on) symptoms of chronic upper respiratory infection so they need to be in a home with no other cats ... and a home where their family is willing to accept the potential for periodic vet care, as needed. (They will also benefit from a high quality diet and anything else that can be done to support their immune systems.)  We know that once you meet these two, you will fall in love. Can you open your heart to these two?

(We would like them to be adopted together, if at all possible)

Littermate:  Petunia

Please note:

  • Poppy is a Special Needs cat
  • Poppy should be adopted with her best friend
  • Poppy is ok with dogs and small children
Poppy and Petunia
Poppy and Petunia