Cat 17124 (Topaz) has been adopted!

Siamese Seal Point

Topaz is a great kitty. She has both Siamese and Manx genes and traits. She is a gorgeous gal, and would love a home where she can lounge around and get all of the belly rubs. It is the cutest thing to enter a room and see her turn over in anticipation of you rubbing her belly. Topaz is a little bit of a queen bee and prefers to keep all of the attention to herself. She is also not an outgoing, in-your-face cat, but she is one of the best kittties you will ever meet. If you're looking for a gorgeous kitty that needs a loving home, Topaz is your girl! Topaz would not do well in a home with another cat, she want to be the one and only queen in the household!

Waiting for some belly rubs ❤
Adoption Follow-Up