Hazel has been adopted!

Brown Spotted

Darling Hazel is a lively, loving, and affectionate cuddlebug who has a bit of an “old soul” personality. Part of her is quieter and more observant that the average kitten, and she can be counted on to notice everything her sweet brother and sister are up to. But soon the observing turns into all-out playtime because this little tabby doll can’t resist a toy of a playtime! If it rolls, bounces, dangle, or crinkles, she loves it! And romping and wrestling with her siblings never gets old! But she’s a lovebug too and always hopes you will find time to scoop her up for snuggles and sweet talk. Happy, huggable Hazel would love to be the perfect new addition in your family’s home and hearts!

Littermates:  Angel, Shady