Cleopatra has been adopted!


Cuddlebug Cleo is a uniquely beautiful darling who was a great joy in her foster home. There she got along very happily with other cats and with dogs both large and small! Big people and cats and dogs are her comfort zone, but children or a busy household would not be a good fit for her. She responds with shyness when things get a little crazy. She’s sweet as sugar and loves to be picked up for snuggles and cuddles. Then her little motor revs up, and she may even decide to have a chat with you! Yes, sometimes she’s a delightful talker! This sweetheart also can’t resist any rolling or dangling toy or little adventure or kitten game! She’s a one-of-a-kind beauty who will be an affectionate joy in a calm home where she will be adored. Cleopatra would love to be the cherished calico doll for you!