Blitz has been adopted!

Domestic Medium Hair

This little champion in the cuddles department is sweet, velvety Blitz, the darling dark brother among his pale siblings. He loves head bumping and nose booping  and being held and petted. Give him an extra minute to know you’re his friend, and he’ll reward you with his wonderful motorboat purr and press his fuzzy forehead into yours! His bunny-soft coat is shiny as ebony and his gorgeous eyes are a show-stopping green. He’s a handsome little dude for sure! He’s been happily fostered with kittens, cats, dogs, and teenagers and gets along with everyone. When it’s playtime he joyfully romps, races, pounces, and climbs, and hopes to soon jump right into a secure and loving forever family! Could great Blitz be the sweet new boy for you!

Littermates:  Crystal, Junior, Mack