Pumpkin has been adopted!

Orange Short tail with kink

Sunny orange, happy-spirited Pumpkin has a big warm wish for a family as sweet as he is! This darling classic orange tabby boy is cute as can be, full of loving affection, joyfully playful, and a total purrasaurus! Every toy is his instant favorite whether it rolls,  bounces, dangles, or crinkles! Even crunchy packing paper makes him happy! Racing through the cat tunnel is also a highlight of lively playtimes. His sister, Popcorn his much-loved sister, and both he and we hope they can stay together. He’s very people-oriented, has enjoyed the 10 year-old girl and the giant mastiff in his foster home, and can’t resist curling up in a welcoming lap! In addition to all this wonderfulness, Pumpkin has a jaunty little crook in the end of his fuzzy wuzzy tail to make him stand out in any crowd! All he needs for a lifetime of happiness is a home full of affection and fun, with room for his darling sister too!  How about yours?!

They are a bonded pair, sleep together and play great with each other we would love for them to be adopted together

Littermate:  Popcorn
Pumpkin and Popcorn
Pumpkin with Dallas