Popcorn has been adopted!

Siamese Mix
Flame Point

Bouncy, pouncy, Popcorn has her bags packed and can’t wait to be a lively loving member of a family as sweet as she is! She’s  also packed a bag for her equally wonderful sunny orange happy-go-lucky brother, Pumpkin, because they sleep and play together and have never been apart. We hope they never have to be. She’s the regal beauty of the pair, with gorgeous, big ice blue eyes and a brown sugar nose, ears, and tail. She loves people and is friends with a 10 year old girl and a giant mastiff who both she and her brother play with in their foster home! Boxes, bags, and spring toys are also favorites! When playtime is over, your lap will be her first choice for a cozy nap. What a purrfect double joy these kittens promise to be in a loving forever home that will treasure them. How about yours!

Littermate:  Pumpkin
Pumpkin and Popcorn