Barney is available for adoption at our Blackstone Ave Petco Adoption Center

7 months old

Bouncy, boisterous Barney is a super friendly little fellow with a fun and funny touch of rascal in his spirit! In addition to his darling siblings, he enjoys everyone including bigger cats and small dogs! He can’t resist an opportunity to play with whatever is available, but romping and racing chasing rolling toys or just shadows makes him happy! His fuzzy wuzzy classic tabby coat is easy-care and cloud-soft with perfect white highlights on his sweet face. A loving and comfortable future is what this spunky cutiepie seeks. Could Barney be the answer to your heart’s desire?

Littermates:  Andy, Fiona, Harley, Jordan, Phoebe

Please note:

  • Barney is ok with dogs
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Questions about Barney? Please call our Petco adoption center at (559) 222-0228 or e-mail