Axel has been adopted!

Black/tan medium length hair

Adorable Axel is one of four rambunctious boys who were rescued with their sweet mom and placed in one of our wonderful foster homes. He gets along with the dog and other cats and is turbo-charged in the romping, racing, and wrestling with his brothers that fill many waking hours! When he comes in for a landing he welcomes being petted and cuddled as he falls asleep to recharge for the next round of fun! All the brothers love each other and any combination for make a sweet and happy pairing. Axel has a classic black and silver coat in an extra silky length that is as easy-care as his attitude! Could happy-spirited Axel be the new spark of fun and affection in your forever home?

Mother: Napa
Littermates:  Cosworth, Galaxy, Hubcap