Cosworth has been adopted!

gray and white

Stripey dove gray Cosworth is a purrfectly classic tabby boy! His upper half is a study in shades of gray stripes, while his lower half is snowy white like he waded through a puddle of whitewash! With his sweet, soulful face you’d never guess that he is quite the rambunctious boy and accomplished athlete in all the games and adventures that fill his days! He and his three brothers and their darling mom have been fostered happily with a dog and other cats and kittens, but it’s Cosworth and his brother Hubcap who love to snuggle together under the covers! They would make a great pair for anyone looking for two kitties to grow up together. Could Cosworth (and maybe a brother) be the happy new addition in your welcoming world?

Mother: Napa
Littermates:  Axel, Galaxy, Hubcap