Bagheera is available for adoption at our Blackstone Ave Petco Adoption Center

Domestic Medium Hair
4 months old

If you have affection and attention to share with a darling ebony boy, Bagheera would really love to meet you! He has a calm, quiet personality but isn’t a bit fearful or skittish. His foster family includes his sweet siblings, bigger cats, dogs, and children. He gets along great with every one of them! His big curiosity and sense of adventure make every happy kitten game and exploration especially fun for this soft and silky sweetheart. He will welcome every cuddle and snuggle that you scoop him up to share, and a welcoming lap will be his favorite destination for a cozy snooze. Darling Bagheera would love to be your cherished little guy!

Littermates:  Eve, Mandy, Scout
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Questions about Bagheera? Please call our Petco adoption center at (559) 222-0228 or e-mail