Kitten 17692 (Bernadette) is available for adoption

Pictured with Kitten 17740 (Mercedes)
Domestic Short Hair
Gray and White
5 months old

Our little champion and sweetheart, Bernadette. is finally ready for adoption.  She was rescued from a local taco truck stop after being severely burned on all four of her paws.  After a few weeks of receiving love and care from our team, she's ready for the next chapter of her life ~ being a pampered princess in her very own home!  BErnie can be a tad reserved in the beginning, but she'll come out of her shell once she warms up to you and your home.  She's just a sweet little girl with a gentle spirit and a wonderful purr!

Pictured with Kitten 17740 (Mercedes)
Burnt paws on arrival 9/23
Bernadette at location where she was found
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