Dallas has been adopted!

Domestic Short Hair
Orange and White

Delightful Dallas is no ordinary kitten.... he's sort of the kitten version of a tornado. He's a very, very active kitten who can scale tall counters in a single bound and who will fearlessly try to jump on people and pets from high atop a bookcase or shelf. When he's not counter surfing or trying to grab your tuna sandwich right out of your hands, he's over-the-top playful with his sharp claws and pointy teeth (sort of like having your very own fuzzy velociraptor in the house.) He needs a playmate of some sort in the home (or ~ trust us ~ his tornado tendencies will grow) but any pet playmate needs to be sturdy and capable of handling his exuberance, energy, play drive and enthusiasm.  Before applying for him, be sure and ask yourself "Do we really want a counter-surfing, tabby tornado with a penchant for chomping during playtime?" (He's probably not a good fit for small children unless you really don't like those small children.)

Dallas and Pimpkin