Jasmine has been adopted!


Who can resist darling Jasmine’s purrfectly sweet little kitty smile? Sometimes you’ll see it when she wants to have a little chat! Yes, she can be a talker! And sometimes you’ll notice it just because it’s how she expresses her affection. And you’ll always see it when she’s basking in being cuddled and petted or when she’s in the middle of a fun and lively kitten game! She has been fostered lovingly in a home with her darling siblings, bigger cats, and older children. She likes everyone! This greeting-card-classic tabby doll will bring a lifetime of love and companionship to a sweet forever family that will cherish her. Jasmine would adore being your smiling new joy!

Littermates:  Clover, Indigo, Lily Rose, Shamrock
Jasmine and Indigo
Jasmine and Indigo