Indigo is available for adoption in an offsite foster home

16 weeks old

If irresistible and irrepressible Indigo could talk his favorite line would probably be “Happy to meet you! Let’s play!” He actually does have a lot to say, especially when he’s hungry or when he wants a little more attention to come his way! He’s super outgoing and playful and has gotten along well with siblings, most especially his sister Lily Rose, and bigger cats, and older children. Every toy and made up game is this little guy’s instant favorite! As fun-loving as he is, he’s also a first class lovebug who loves to get and give affection and has a big, bold purr that he shares generously! Classic tabby darling Indigo says he’s ready to roll - right into the hearts and arms of a sweet forever family! How about yours!

Littermates:  Clover, Jasmine, Lily Rose, Shamrock
Indigo and Jasmine
Indigo and Jasmine
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