Kitten 17846 is available for adoption

Domestic Short Hair
Black and White curly tail, odd eyed
4 months old

Kitten 17846 is a very special little kitten, he has two different colored eyes and a tail with kinks in it.  Any home would be lucky to have such a handsome kitten. However, he needs a VERY special home since he is very shy kitten that will need a bit of socialization and love. Kitten 17846 will need a quiet home since he is a bit shy, we also think it would be best that he found a home with his brother  since they are both shy little guys that depend on each other to become comfortable.

Littermates:  Kitten 17842, Kitten 17843

Please note:

  • Kitten 17846 should be adopted with a littermate
  • Kitten 17846 is shy and needs a quiet home
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