Bashful is a sanctuary resident.

Siamese Mix
Seal Point Siamese
2 years old
Bashful is sponsored by Gere D.

Bashful is a very special girl who needs a special, loving home. After living in a vacant lot for over a year, she lost her eye and had several litters before finally being trapped. She is quite timid and shy and does not like to be picked up. But she gets along really well with the cats in her foster home, she is really no trouble, she loves to sit and look out the window, and she enjoys head massages. The ideal home is one with other cats and easygoing, patient owners who will give her time to warm up and space to just "be" in their home. This blue-eyed beautiful girl deserves so much more than a life on the streets! She's having a hard time being adopted and will most likely live at The Cat House for the rest of her life.

(She is listed as special needs because she's lost her eye. We do not anticipate the need for further medical care for her eye)