Franklin has been adopted!

Black tabby wit white feet and chest

With dignity and optimism classically handsome Franklin is keeping his polished white paws crossed for a sweet and secure family to love him. He can’t tell his story, but there’s the wisdom of the ages in his beautiful jade green eyes. He adores being talked to and loved on by the people he’s gotten to know and is an excellent listener. And while he will scamper after a jinglebell ball or pounce on a hand wiggling under a blanket, he’d really prefer to just relax here and there around the house like the easy-going companionable guy he is! He’s been very good with other cats and small dogs but seems to prefer his independence and just hanging out with his people. A future of affection, comfort, and security is this darling boy’s fondest dream. Could a silky smooth, very fine fellow named Franklin be the perfect new addition for you?

Adoption Follow-up 6/11/19