Garfunkel has been adopted!

Domestic Medium Hair
Gray and White

Two handsome little gray and white brothers hit the big stage of life together billed as Simon and Garfunkel! Both are super friendly sweethearts who seem to like everyone! One of the adult cats in their rescuer’s home didn’t like their performances, but they just focused on everyone else! In their foster home they have been comfortable around two children, an 8 month old and an eleven year old. The simplest of things entertain these happy little guys, including empty boxes, paper balls, and crunchy packing paper! With beautiful shades of gray markings and matching velvety petal pink noses, they are always dressed in their very best! Garfunkel would love to be your new star, and he’s knows if Simon came too they could always be your irresistible bridge over any kind of water!

Littermate:  Simon