Thomas has been adopted!


Tawny orange Thomas was shut in a box and left next to a dumpster, but his loud meows drew attention and his rescue story began. Now he’s a world class purrasaurus who purrs when he feels secure and even purrs when he eats! That’s gratitude! His foster mom says he’s great with other cats but has not been introduced to dogs yet. This sweetie is very curious and loves to play with toy he’s offered or object he finds that looks interesting! His start in life was rough, so he appreciates a little time to assess people and situations, then his motorboat purr kicks in, and he settles his polished and silky self into the first welcoming arms or lap!  This darling boy is ready to enjoy the good life in a loving and secure forever home where his sweetness will be adored and protected. Thomas hopes you choose him! Thomas does well with the little dog in his foster home.