Peanut has been adopted!


Meet tawny orange tabby Peanut, as irrestible as the tasty nibble he’s named for! This super sweet boy loves to rub his cheek against yours and loves to be held! He’s always good-natured and loves to wrestle with his siblings but never gets rough. Whacking a ball around the bathtub is also right at the top of his list of favorite things! Every toy is an instant favorite and may get carried about proudly until a different toy wins his heart! He has been fostered with bigger cats and gets along fine with them and is good with children too!  Such a fuzzy wuzzy ball of sunshine will be an affectionate and happy addition in a loving forever home. Could a fanTABBulous classic named Peanut be your new joy?

Littermates:  Brittle, Skittles, Taffy, Toffee
Adoption Follow-up with Briggs