Daisy Mae has been adopted!


Darling Daisy is a total lovebug and world-class lap cat! She had a rough start with an untreated eye infection so a sense of security and abundant affection are her very favorite things. She may have some permanent vision loss in one eye, but that never gets in the way of her romping and racing to whack a jinglebell ball or leaping to swat any toy on a wand! She does like to be near her people and may cry if no one is in sight. Every bit of attention is welcomed by this plush tortie beauty, including scratching her velvety ears while she naps in your lap any time your lap is available! Like that little summer flower that always makes you smile, this perfect Daisy is sure to bring sweetness to her own forever family. Daisy hopes you pick her!

Adoption Follow-up 6/11/19 with Resident Cat