Polly has been adopted!

Black Black and tan stiped

Pert and perky Polly is the little smarty pants in her family! When her adorable siblings wind up for a romp, she likes to coolly observe to strategize her best moves before she jumps into the fun! If their “fun” looks sketchy, she’ll wisely just observe until sanity is restored! A small dog and adult cats have also been among her friends. This darling girl loves to be petted and loved on and has a gentle, affectionate nature with everyone who gives her attention. She’s just as pretty-as-a-picture with her sugary white smile, beautiful black velvet “necklace”, and uniquely black-and-tan coat of fanTABBulous stripes! This precious little girly is a true tabby classic in both looks and personality and will be a beautiful, loving addition in a great forever family of her very own. Polly hopes she’s the perfect girl for you!

Littermates:  Dolly RW, Molly, Ollie, Wally