Breezy has been adopted!


Breezy: Easy Breezy, as her foster mom calls her, has been raised with her 4 brothers and sweet mama, Misty Blue.  This darling little Tortie colored female kitten is as low maintenance as they come.  She has an easy-come, easy-go attitude and gets along with everyone she meets, including two very big dogs.  She has a sassy and sweet purrsonality that is so incredibly endearing.  She LOVES any toy filled with cat nip and the wild side of her comes out when she gets to play with feather toys.  She eats, sleeps, and plays at about the same ratio... the girl can EAT!!  Breezy would do well in most any home, so long as she is spoiled!

Mother: Misty Blue
Littermates:  Rai, Smith, Sunny, Wesson