Chloe( Tink) has been adopted!

Domestic Short Hair
Orange and White

Adorable Chloe knows you probably want to scratch her little chin because she’s just that irresistible! She hopes you have toys too because she can’t resist any of them or any opportunity to have a lively good time! Her rollicking siblings have been her favorite sparing mates and also her cuddlepuddle nap mates! Lots of curiosity means lots of kitten adventures and explorations keep her busy until she’s ready to snuggle up for rest and affection. This orange and white fuzzy wuzzy doll will be a pure delight in a happy forever family ready for a new addition with a lot of spunk and sparkle! Could darling Chloe be that perfect girl for you?

Mother: Holly
Littermates:  Abraham, Avery, Bert, Callie