Muffin Man has been adopted!

Domestic Short Hair

Snugglebug Muffin Man is the coal black darling in his batch of adorable siblings! He bounces and pounces like his little feet have springs, but turn him on his back when he’s winding down and every muscle will relax and he’ll become your limp little lovebug! His silky coat is bunny-soft and shiny as satin, and you can tell by the size of his velvet ears that this handsome little guy doesn’t miss a thing that’s going on! He’s is a favorite of everyone, loves his siblings, and gets along well with other cats and with children. He’s a doll now and promises to be an impressively handsome big guy some day. Muffin Man would love to the cherished new member of your forever family!

Littermates:  Henrietta, Lacey, Penny, Pippin