Meet Clyde the Kitten, who’s fun-loving, fearless, adores his people, and is as fuzzy wuzzy Hollywood-handsome as can be! Lots of photos of this gorgeous little guy are sure to be taken as he grows from velvety, dove gray, subtly striped boyhood into a sterling silver, stunning big boy! But it’s his winning personality that will make him shine in a great, loving family, because this doll loveloveloves his people! Playtimes with his adorable siblings are favorite times, and even empty boxes and crunchy packing paper are great opportunities for hiding and ambushing! He’s always easy-going and has gotten along well with other cats and with dogs, and with small children. It doesn’t take a stretch of the imagination to know that Clyde will be the toast of his lucky forever family! He’d love to be your great guy!

Mother: Porsha
Littermates:  Bandit, Claudette