Domestic Medium Hair
Black and White

Fun-loving Felix is full of friendliness and a lively spirit of adventure! He and his lovely mom, brother and two sisters were dumped at a thrift shop where their rescue journey began. Maybe he learned early that friendliness and courage can take you far in this world! He’s the first to greet new people and can make a plaything out of anything! His playful good nature and easy affection make him a favorite of everyone including dogs and bigger cats! In his downy-soft coat of classic black and white, he is a handsome little guy who is sure to be a very good-looking big guy someday! And a little splash of bright white on his otherwise velvety black face will ensure he’s a standout in any crowd! Happy, affectionate Felix would love to have a forever future with you!

Littermates:  Christy, Lily, Sherman