Cinnamon has been adopted!


Sweet little sisters, Cinnamon and Nutmeg, were found  all alone outside a local school. This beautiful and affectionate pair of dolls are perfect playmates, easily creating endless kitten games and enjoying every toy available! Little adventures and explorations also fill their happy days with fun. They enjoy being with their people, making them laugh, cozying up while they watch tv or visit, and generally sharing in whatever they are doing. They also get along great with other cats. Cinnamon is the classic calico sister, a gorgeous mix of white, black, and gold, with velvety ears and a little snow white chin. These adorable girls would love to continue their life’s journey together and be the treasured twosome in a forever home as sweet as they are. Could darling Cinnamon and Nutmeg be your double delight?

Littermate:  Nutmeg