Arya has been adopted!


Darling Arya was a bottle baby rescued when her mom moved her litter and never came back to claim her. In her great foster home she has been lovingly nurtured, is a smarty pants who answers to her name, and stands on her hind legs to greet you! Every toy is her instant favorite and playtimes are a favorite part of every day! Hippity hopping, scampering, and bouncing keep her velvety little tabby body in happy motion until it’s time to cuddle and snuggle with the people she loves. She also gets along with bigger cats and dogs, and has been okay with children. Her gorgeous coat is truly a stunning study of dramatic dark and light stripes with bright white highlights. This classic doll is ready to bring her joyful sweetness to a forever home that will treasure her. Affectionate and adorable Arya hopes you choose her.