Chanel has been adopted!


This jet-propelled charmer is vivacious Chanel! She’s a darling striped dynamo who loves to play with anything she can get her busy little gray velvet paws on and never runs out of lively games and adventures! Her feisty, rambunctious, and independent nature make her a very entertaining doll! You can love on her as long as you aren’t interrupting a happy, high-octane activity! An impish little face that is perfectly marked and has a big sugary grin brings out the smiles in everyone around her! She is very bonded with her beautiful best friend Celeste and would definitely benefit from being raised with her. Other cats, a small dog, and fairly gentle children have also been among her friends in her foster home. Classic brown tabby cutiepie Chanel is ready to hop, skip, and jump right into a loving forever home that will cherish her! She has her paws crossed that she can bring her BFF along too!

She should be adopted with her best friend Celeste