Marienne has been adopted!


Marvelous little Marianne is an elegantly attired little party girl who keeps everyone entertained with her great spirit of cutiepie kitten fun! Her beautiful bunny-soft suit of gray doesn’t get in her way one little bit when she’s sharing her favorite antic - chasing her velvety tail! This little beauty and her darling brother and sister love to romp and race and dream up an endless string of happy little adventures to keep things hopping! She has also gotten along with bigger cats and is a little shy but very patient around children. As fun-loving as this darling girl is, she’s a pure lovebug too who craves sweet cuddle time with her people. Who can resist a purrfect cuddler who always looks beautiful and easily makes you smile and laugh? Perfect Marianne would love to be the girl to make you laugh and smile!

Littermates:  Aramis, Jeanne