Cat 18396

Gives great hugs!
Lynx Point

This very outgoing kid is borderline obnoxious, but in the fun loving way.  All he wants is lots of love and attention and to be the center of your world.  He's the first one to great you, the first one to untie your shoes, and if you're trying to contain him in a room, he's also the first one dart out and explore.  Our little explore came to us as a tiny kitten with some health issues.  He was underweight, covered in fleas, and needed some much TLC.  He got him all plumpy and ready for the next chapter of his life.  His left eye does have some permanent damage, but it doesn't prevent him being a loving, sweet boy.  If you're looking for personality wrapped up in a bundle of fur, please consider our sweet Explorer, Kitten 18396.

Littermates:  Kitten 18393, Kitten 18398