Linus has been adopted!

Domestic Short Hair

Linus loves to be loved! He makes loving him easy because he such a willing companion and playmate to others, including big people, children, and animals. Stuffed toys and anything that rolls or dangles also keep him entertained, but curly ribbon is his very favorite! Exploring and noticing everything, with the help of those handsome big ears, just never gets boring. But it’s cuddles and snuggles that have to be on the agenda every day because affection and love are specially important to this precious purrbug. He needs a home where he has at least one friend, either human or animal. He’s white as alabaster, soft as a bunny,  purrs like a little motorboat, and makes silly noises when his food tastes extra good! Could cuddlebug Linus be the great new love in your life?

Littermates:  Charlie White, Lucy, Ryan