Rosie has been adopted!

Domestic Short Hair

Beautiful black kitten Rosie is as dark as a moonless night with one little white star on her fuzzy wuzzy chest! Elegant and silky-soft as she is, it’s her affectionate and dignified personality that will win the hearts of her forever family! Playtime with her siblings is always fun, but she’s also content to go exploring on her own examine whatever piques her curiosity along the way. When it’s time to rest she can be found snoozing alone if her people weren’t available. This little doll is sure to be a gorgeous big girl someday with a silky, polished grace and big, beautiful, jade green eyes. Could an ebony darling with a calm and loyal spirit be the perfect girl for your secure and loving forever home?

Littermates:  Black jack, Oreo, Pumba, Scruff, Simba