Kitten 18440 passed away 3/27/2020. RIP.

Black Grey

Fuzzy, silver Kitten 18440 is one of four tiny, kittens found in the knick of time. They have been thriving in their loving The Cat House where playtime and snuggle time are equally important. This bold girl is the leader of this little purrasaurus posse and sets the stage for her litter mates endless little explorations and adventures! She’s super friendly, playful, and bold! All the kittens are comfortable around other cats and kids. Sleek and silvery Kitten 18440 will be a Hollywood-handsome big tabby gal some day and a great, companionable addition to a loving forever family. Irresistible Kitten 18440 hope you’ll choose her!

Littermate:  Kitten 18445 (Loki)
Far left