Mocha has been adopted!

Maine Coon Mix

The grand prize blue ribbon for Best Personality Plus Pair Ever goes to the beverage sisters, Cider and Mocha! Darling Mocha is the Maine Coon mix doll with the sugar-kissed face! According to their wonderful foster mom, “Both of these great girlies “love everyone and want to play constantly, including when you’re busy getting ready for work in the morning! They will ride on your shoulders or observe from that perch if you have time. If not, no worries - they hoot it up with each other, chasing ping pong balls in the bathtub, carrying anything that looks like a toy around in their mouths, or trying to catch that challenging little red light!” They also get along with other kittens and bigger cats. Marvelous little Mocha hopes you see exactly what you want when you see her. And, of course, she hopes you can’t resist a delightful Cider too!

Littermate:  Cider
Cider and Mocha