Lark has been adopted!


Hi there, my name is Lark, or Lady Lark, or Meadow Lark…. One thing is for sure, I am LOVELY, so I think I should be called Lovely Lark!  My mama, Lady Bird protected me and my 4 sisters (Robin, Raven, Sparrow, and Starling) from the mean streets and ultimately an abandoned drug house.  Because of this early experience and the wonderful foster home that would follow, I have character traits that include confidence, curiosity, fearlessness, with a whole lot of sweetness, playfulness, and silliness thrown in for extra measure.  Everyone admires my silky fur and lovely markings, but they can’t resist my charming head tilt when I pose for pictures.  Somehow my mama and I have flown under the radar and have yet to be adopted like my four sisters, who were adopted in pairs.  At night I dream about the perfect family wanting to adopt both my mama and me.  If such a family doesn’t exist, then perhaps a family with another cat or even a cat friendly dog.  My foster family has two big dogs who are gentle and respectful of cats and kittens, so if you have dogs like this than I’ll fit right into your family.  So what do ya’ think?  You wanna be my forever?

Mother: Lady Bird
Littermates:  Robin, Sparrow, Starling
Lark and Ladybird