Blaze has been adopted!

Domestic Short Hair
Orange and White

Sometimes Blaze is a baby, and sometimes he’s a bouncy boisterous boy! At bedtime he can be counted on to bustle his little self right into the big bed if he can, where he loves to knead and suckle and enjoy lots of cozy cuddling as he snuggles up to you! Then playtime rolls around and he throws his super-charged little self right into everything that captures his big curiosity! Every toy and nook and cranny is worthy of his lively attention, and he’s also quite curious about bigger cats and dogs. He’s also good with children. He’s a classic peaches and cream cutiepie who loves a good time and adores his one-on-one time with his people! Bouncing baby boy Blaze would love to be the happy-go-lucky bed buddy you’ve been waiting for!