Cappuccino has been adopted!

Blue Point

Dazzling Cappuccino is the most darling of divas! But when you’re as beautiful as she is and as devoted to your person, you can wear that title easily! From her deep sapphire blue eyes to her super lux coat and stunning face, this gorgeous girl is pawsitively picture purrfect! Even in her best-dressed ensemble she will hop right after the little cloth mice that she likes to swat and chase, but most other toys are not as enticing as just enjoying gazing out the window at the world beyond her realm. Her favorite place to sleep at night is at the foot of the bed, and her favorite people are definitely grown-ups, especially women. As a very young mom she lost two of her babies and so does seem to have a personality that becomes anxious with much commotion, responds best to a set schedule of two meals a day that include pate wet choices and a stress formulation of dry food, and is unhappy if she’s left alone for too long. A quiet lifestyle and someone who will protect and adore her is her heart’s desire. That adoring person will be rewarded with her sweetness, her talkative companionship, and an irresistible cuddliness that comes from a deeply loving and devoted spirit. Could this precious girl named Cappuccino find her forever comfort in the circle of your love?