Bluejay has been adopted!

Siamese Mix
Blue Point

Cheerful, chirpy Bluejay will squawk when he wants your attention. He's a gentle and loving kitten who loves to snuggle and who purrs up a storm. He gets along fine with other kittens and cats, but he likes to wait for others to try out new things. He's cautious and careful and his approach is a bit slower and more reserved than some kittens. (He has not been exposed to children or dogs in his foster home) His beautiful rescue companion Chickadee is his BFF, and they would be an awesome pair of sweethearts! What a handsome, blue-eyed hunk this bunny-soft boy will grow to be! Lovebug Bluejay would adore becoming the cuddle buddy in your sweet home! Could he and Chickadee be your adoring duo!

Littermates:  Vannah, Vivian