Domestic Short Hair
White and Black

Meet mischievous and charming Tango! One look at his bright, impish little face tells you this funny and affectionate little charmer brings a sunny and energetic spirit to everything he does and everyone he meets! Playtimes are a highlight of the day, and his adorable and lively siblings are quite a bundle of fun with anything they can call a toy! Even empty boxes and crunchy packing paper call for adventures and explorations! It’s no wonder his happy little guy gets along with bigger cats and with dogs too! His bunny-soft and dense coat of handsome, classic black and white is as easy-care as he is and will make hima quite a debonair big guy some day! Irresistible Tango has his bags packed and can’t wait to be the great new addition in your fun-loving and affectionate forever family!

Littermates:  Zorra, Zorro