Cat 18632 (Tilly) has been adopted!

Siamese Mix
Snow Shoe

Our special gal is ready to find a home of her own.  She arrived to us a tad under the weather, but after receiving some TLC she made a speedy recover.  We did notice she has the cutest permanent head tilt, which make her a little different.  Her head dances a tad and when she sits, her head leans to the side.  It doesn't impair her in her daily kitty life, but there are time her depth judgment may be off a little bit.  Kitten 18184 as known as Tilly is a total sweetheart that really wants nothing more than to be the center of your world. She has the sweetest meow that melts your heart. Don't take our word for it, submit an application and come meet this precious bundle of fur, your won't be sorry.