Tater has been adopted!

Domestic Short Hair
Orange and White

Happy-go-lucky Tater is one of six in a posse of lively and adorable kittens! Endless games and creative hijinks fill their days and mealtimes are very enthusiastic events! Sweet Tater speeds after anything that rolls and pounces after anything with a bounce! No open drawer or cupboard goes unexplored, no scratching is ignored for long, and spontaneous wrestling matches are frequent! He has also gotten along well with bigger cats and with children. In his creamsicle coloring of soft orange and vanilla with classic stripes, he is a cuddlebug cutie with a lovebug personality who welcomes all the attention that he hopes will come his way! Could this darling boy named Tater be the delightful new treasure in your great family?

Littermates:  Dottie, Scotch