Franklin has been adopted!

Maine Coon Mix
Orange and white

Franklin is a peaches and cream fluffbug with a purr that gets attention! It’s not uncommon for his cuddlepuddle buddies to look his way as if to say “Could you keep it down a little!” His spirit of playfulness is big too and means this adorable boy is always ready for a romp or race!  He has been happily fostered with bigger cats, dogs, and children too. With his great big personality it’s no surprise that he's a loving and affectionate sweetheart who can’t resist being first in line to be scooped up and held and loved on! A handsome, glowing coat of golden orange and soft cream make this adorable boy especially irresistible! If you’ve been waiting for a perfect purrasaurus for your loving family, Franklin would like to be first in line to meet you!