Orange Light orange

That thundering you hear may be sunny-spirited Ginger galloping to the food dish! The blue ribbon is definitely hers for always being the first one there! She and her darling siblings romp and race and wrestle the day away when they aren’t recharging with a nap in a furry cuddlepuddle! If it rolls, dangles, squeaks, or flies, they love it! Even though she and her little troop have been fostered happily with bigger cats, dogs, and children, this sweetie needed time to learn to trust being touched and then held by humans. Now she settles her cloud-soft, pale orange little self into loving arms once she gets to know you. While all orange cats are classic tabbies, only about 20% are girls! This sweet orange 20 percenter with an enthusiastic appetite and a fun-loving and affectionate nature will be a lucky family’s forever treasure. Ginger hopes you choose her!

Littermate:  Franklin