Beautiful kitten Crackers has come a long way in her desire to be loved. It took her foster mom a lot of patience and tender overtures to get her to drop her fear of people, when finally one day, as she gently touched the kitten’s head, she was allowed to continue to pet her! The wall of resistance came down, and the tide turned in favor of a great future of happiness and love for this darling doll! When there is any opportunity for fun, you will find her in the middle of every kitten game, exploration, and adventure they all dream up! She has also been fostered with adult cats, dogs, and children. She is one of two tortie sweethearts in her lively batch of kittens and has an especially exotic coat of luxuriously dark and dense silkiness. Crackers deserves to be a beloved darling in a sweet and affectionate forever home. Could that home be yours?

Littermate:  Franklin