Rowena has been adopted!

snow shoes

Blue-eyed beauty Rowena is ready to bring her regal good looks and her loving nature to a sweet and cozy forever home. Bouncing, pouncing, and exploring with her floofy friend Mrs. Norris, fill her days with lots of kitten fun. She also likes bigger cats and is good with kids. Bigger people need to give her a moment to see that they are kind and.oving, then she settles in comfortably to be petted and loved on. With that luxurious, silky coat, glacier blue eyes, and gorgeously marked face, who could resist a snuggle with her?! She’s still undecided about dogs, but when it comes to food this doll is all in! Could a gorgeous girl with a playful spirit and a love of sweet affection and tasty food be your new treasure? Rowena really hopes you choose her!