Tiny Tim

Siamese Mix

With his beautiful baby blue eyes and brown velvet nose, Tiny Tim is a very beautiful boy! He’s not so tiny anymore, but he was when he was found starving and dehydrated. In the expert care of her foster mom, he has flourished and is full of high-spirited rambunctious energy!  Zooming from here and there, with pit stops to examine whatever grabs his big curiosity, is one of her favorite activities! Dining, especially if there’s wet food, is a surefire way to this formerly hungry little darling’s heart. Starvation is now a very dim memory! He has a great attachment to his little white cloth mouse and never tires of playing with it or having it close by. Precious Tiny Tim would love to be the beloved new member of your welcoming and secure home. And he sure hopes there’s room for his mousie too!